About Online Smicha

With a leading and innovative technology, Online Smicha offers an interactive live video class with a structured learning program that fits well for working professionals, retired men, Yeshiva students, and anyone who wishes to obtain their Smicha or expand their knowledge in Halacha. Our courses include classes on the topics of Kashrut, Shabbat, Hilchos Yom Tov, practical Halacha classes and more.

With years of experience and success, graduated students from all around the world with different life backgrounds – from doctors to rabbis, Online Smicha is here – ready for you to accomplish more in your learnings achieve this great goal of receiving Smicha.

Interested to learn more about Smicha and rabbinic ordination? See here.

Other Classes

After seeing the thirst for more Torah classes, Online Smicha had expanded the success story into other areas of Torah Study, and offers a variety of classes on topics of Halacha, Torah, and courses which are designed to answer basic day-to-day questions.

Our courses are:

  • NDayanus
  • NMarriage (Chuppah and Kiddushin)
  • NShabbat
  • NHilchos Yom Tov
  • NMishna
  • NChassidus
  • NTalmnus (Gemoro)
  • NKitzur Shulchan Aruch
  • Nperiodical classes before each Yom Tov and many more

All of our classes come with the same leading technology for live and recorded classes and will provide you with the resources, availability and connection that our program offers.