Discover The Fundamentals Of Davening

An 8 weeks course, delving into the Chassidic approach and teachings on prayer.

Program Detail

Chassidus Courses

Classes on Chassidic discourses (Maamorim), starting new topic approx. every 3 months. This program allows you to obtain both basic and advanced skills and knowledge in Chassidus and will cover the most fundamental concepts taught by the Rebbeim.

This program offers a LIVE weekly class and gives you access to the Students Portal and other resources.

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About the Teacher

Rabbi Avrohom Katz

Rabbi Avrohom Katz is a renowned lecturer and the author of numerous publications on Chassidic discourses. His work is studied by people from around the world from different walks of life. His most known publication, a book called “A Practical Guide To Davening” had received positive feedbacks from readers and influenced many in their daily prayers.