Discover The Fundamentals Of Davening

An 8 weeks course, delving into the Chassidic approach and teachings on prayer.

Chassidus Courses

Classes on Chassidic discourses (Maamorim), starting new topic approx. every 3 months. This program allows you to obtain both basic and advanced skills and knowledge in Chassidus and will cover the most fundamental concepts taught by the Rebbeim.

This program offers a LIVE weekly class and gives you access to the Students Portal and other resources.

Course Admission Payment


One Time Payment

About the Teacher:

Rabbi Avrohom Katz is a renowned lecturer and the author of numerous publications on Chassidic discourses. His work is studied by people from around the world from different walks of life. His most known publication, a book called "A Practical Guide To Davening" had received positive feedbacks from readers and influenced many in their daily prayers.



Online Smicha has the right to prevent a student’s access to any Shiur due to a missed payment.

A 2 month prior notice is required in the case of a student deciding to discontinue a course. The first 3 months of tuition payment are non-refundable.

Payments to Online Smicha are auto-billed through PayPal. Receipts are sent to applicants and students by Email. You can adjust your billing credit card and other information on PayPal if needed.



Online Smicha has the right to terminate a contract with any individual, who has not performed at Online Smicha academic requirements, measured in course work, test performance and class attendance.

Online Smicha reserves the right to deny any student accessibility to the final exam, given unacceptable performance in previous tests.



Most of the Shiurim are web video conference-based. Therefore:

  1. Students are required to attend in a quiet environment.
  2. Appropriate dress and conduct for Torah learning is requested.
  3. Students should login to the Shiur at least 5 minutes before the Shiur is scheduled to begin.
  4. Question and notes will be made first on the chat so not to interrupt the flow of the class. You may speak only of directed so by the teacher.

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the necessary books and material needed for the class. You can purchase them on our store, on or in any other local Jewish books store.


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