Dayonim דיינים

Simanim: Choshen Mishpat 1-27
חושן משפט א-כז

Edus עדות

Simanim: Choshen Mishpat 28-38
חושן משפט כח-לח

Halvo’o הלוואה

Simanim: Choshen Mishpat 39-74
חושן משפט לט-עד

Toen Venitan טוען ונטען

Simanim: Choshen Mishpat 75-96
חושן משפט עה-צו



  • NLIVE Classes
  • NResources and Access to Students Portal
  • NAccess to Your Teacher
  • NCharts
  • NChazzarah Sheets
  • NTests - Written and Oral
  • NPeriodical classes with Rabbis for practical perspective

Monthly payment


$170/month when joining with a Chavrusa

Program Detail

Advantages of this program

For popular demand, this program was created to accommodate the learning desires of past students who have already been ordained and other Yeshiva students who were looking to pursue this incredible goal of Dayanus.

The program runs for approx. 4-5 years with a flexible schedule that allows you to continue your study alongside your career, community work or other school duties. This program requires strong background of learning and knowledge.

As part of this program we will offer you 2 LIVE Shiurim conducted via web video conferencing twice per week on the most advanced live classroom software available. Each class run between 60-90 minutes, and is given alongside an interactive whiteboard and a chat, an option to communicate with the rabbi as well as charts and other visual explanations.

The Shiurim cover all the laws needed to achieve this great goal of Dayanus, with chazzarah questions, charts and periodical tests and quizzes. Additionally, from time to time we will host a shiur with a special guest rabbi who will offer practical perspective from his day-to-day point of view of dealing with such cases.

At the end of each course a written exam and an oral test will take place. The oral test will be given by a leading rabbi who is an expert in the particular Halacha discussed.

About the Teacher

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, Rosh Yeshiva of Online Smicha מכון להוראה, is an esteemed scholar and author of numerous books on Halacha. Rabbi Wilhelm is a dynamic teacher whose experience began serving as the Rosh Yeshiva in St. Paul, MN for 14 years before taking on the Online Smicha project and directing it for the last decade.

Loved by his hundreds of students over the years, Rabbi Wilhelm is known for his enthusiasm, devotion and dedication, and understanding of the student body. Many of his students over the years stay in contact with him and direct to him their practical day-to-day Halachic questions.