Frequently AskED Questions


How does the Online Smicha program work?

Twice a week there is a LIVE shiur (class) in which a whiteboard with charts and images is presented, a live chat and other features. The classes are recorded and updated into the relevant folder so you can access the class later on. Additionally, you will receive charts, Chazzarah questions and other resources through email and those will also be available to you on the Resource Center on the Students Portal.

What is unique about Online Smicha?

Online Smicha is a family. Being all on LIVE classes, being able to communicate with one another through emails and group chats and joining our events throughout the US creates a dynamic of friendship and involvement which is second to none. Our faculty also puts Online Smicha in the forefront, as Rabbi Wilhelm has decades of teaching experience in this and other fields.

What are the different programs?

The main programs we offer are Smicha and Dayanus. Additionally, we offer programs such as Chuppah and Kuddushin (marriage officiating), Hilchos Shabbos (Shabbat laws), Aveilus (mourning), and many other programs which are offered periodically. Please visit the unique page of each program to learn more about the Halachos we learn and other relevant info.

How long does each program take?

Depending on the program you join, it can take anywhere between 6-24 months.

What type of background do I need to have in order to join?

In order to join the Smicha program you will need to be able to read Hebrew and have basic understanding of the language. For other programs the requirements might change. However, joining our Kitzur Shulchan Aruch program does not require any background and can be used also a springboard to gain the necessary background for the Smicha program.

How can I qualify to participate in the program?

Before applying please make sure you have a recommendation letter from your local rabbi. After obtaining such letter and completing the registration process, you will be interviewed and the interviewing rabbi will determine your acceptance.

Do I need to have a Chavrusa?

It’s definitely recommended. It would be extremely beneficial to have one and we encourage this. Many of our students become learning partners after joining a class. However it is not mandatory and we have had students who have not had a Chavrusa.

How many hours daily do I need to dedicate for the program?

Depending on the program and track chosen. It can go between 1-3 hours. Obviously you can work the schedule for yourself to do more hours in some days and less in another.

Will I be able to communicate with my Rabbi over the time?

Of course. Besides for the LIVE chat during class, email and phone communications, our teachers have set times daily when they’re available on Skype for questions, assistance and discussions.

I can’t join the LIVE classes. Are there solutions for me?

Yes. All the classes are recorded and you can watch them after.

Can I join the class through a smartphone?


Will I receive Smicha at the end of my studies?

Yes. After completing all tests – oral and written ones.

Is there a special program at the end of the program?

Yes. The ceremony of receiving the Smicha is called Chag Hasmicha, and it’s held 1-2 times a year in different locations. If you wish not to attend we can mail the certificate to you when you pay for the certificate (the cost of the certificate is usually included in the fee for the Chag Hasmicha).

Where can I purchase the required Seforim (books)?

You can purchase the books needed on our store, or at a local Jewish book store. If you seek more books and other options, or if a local store doesn’t have the book you need we will assist you with obtaining the book.


What is the cost to join the program?

The cost to join the program is $100 interview fee.

Is the interview fee refundable?


What is the cost of the program?

Each program has its own rate. Please check the unique page of each program to learn more.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes. We have scholarships available for Bochurim and when you join with a Chavrusa. Otherwise we will try our best to work out the payment with you.

How does the payment work?

You can choose your method of payment. Usually done once a month as a recurring payment.

Can I stop the payments at any point if I wish to no longer continue?

Yes, after the first 3 months. The first 3 months are non-refundable.