Harav Dovid Schochet AH

Rav Dovid Schochet served as our main Rav Hamasmich till his passing. Rabbi Shochet served as a Rov in Toronto, a Dayan, and was involved in many communal, Kashrus, and Din Torahs throughout his many decades of rabbinical work

Harav Berel Bell

Rabbi Bell serves as a Rov and a member of the Bais Din in Montreal, Canada. He is known for his vast knowledge of Halacha and his guidance to Community Leaders throughout the world


Harav Boroch Lesches

Rabbi Lesches serves as Rosh Yeshiva of the Chabad Yeshiva in Monsey and Rov of Congregation Tzemach Tzedek in Monsey, NY. Rabbi Lesches serves as personal Rov to hundreds of Community Leaders throughout the world

Harav Mendel Gluckowsky

Rabbi Gluckowsky serves as a Rov of the Chabad community in Rechovot, Israel, and a deputy secretary of Bais Din Rabbonei Chabad in Eretz Yisroel.