Classes Taken in this course

Shabbos שבת

Simanim: Orach Chaim 253-259, 308-311, 318-321 from the Shulchan Aruch Horav
אורח חיים רנג-רנט, שח-שיא, שיח-שכא

Maacholei Akum מאכלי עכו״ם

Simanim: Yoreh Deah 112-113
יורה דעה קיב-קיג

Taaruvos תערובות

Simanim: Yoreh Deah 98-111
יורה דעה צח-קיא

Bassar B’Chalav בשר בחלב

Simanim: Yoreh Deah 87-97
יורה דעה פז-צז

Our Standard Smicha program has been structured having in mind a working men, business professional or anyone with limited free time. The pace and structure of this course is designed to allow you to achieve this great goal of Rabbinical Ordination, Smicha.

The course offers 2 weekly live interactive sessions, which come along many resources such as recorded topic Shiurim, charts, summaries of the Halachos, Mock Tests, and more. All sessions are recorded and posted after the class is done.

Communication with the rabbi is easily done through email, phone and a dedicated WhatsApp group, and many other contents as as well as access to other courses is offered as well.

At the end of each topic covered in the course a written exam and an oral test will take place. 



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About the Teacher

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, Rosh Yeshiva of Online Smicha מכון להוראה, is an esteemed scholar and author of numerous books on Halacha. Rabbi Wilhelm is a dynamic teacher whose experience began serving as the Rosh Yeshiva in St. Paul, MN for 14 years before taking on the Online Smicha project and directing it for the last decade.

Loved by his hundreds of students over the years, Rabbi Wilhelm is known for his enthusiasm, devotion and dedication, and understanding of the student body. Many of his students over the years stay in contact with him and direct to him their practical day-to-day Halachic questions.