I just want to thank you for an amazing program.. I really wasn’t sure what to expect going into it. I haven’t felt a “Geshmak” of a goal oriented type learning like this in a long time. I also have to say that it is rare to have such a dynamic and energetic Maggid Shiur. Thank you again.

Seth Farbman

Chairman – V Stock Transfer, NY

I have been learning with online Smicha and Rabbi Wilhelm since 2013. I must say that the program either for Smicha or for keeping the learning is a very structured and enjoyable tool. Thanks to Rabbi Wilhem, who is a very dynamic and gifted teacher as well as the fact that he is very committed to his Talmidim, I increased very much my level of learning either in Halacha and Hashkafa. I strongly recommend the program for any professional.

Chaim A. Bitton

MD Urological Surgeon, Switzerland

On-line Smicha has provided me with such a sense of fulfillment in learning for almost two years that I’ve been engaged in the program. Each lesson is meaningful, engaging and leaves me thirsty for the next session. It’s quite an accomplishment to be able to create an environment, on-line, that is as impactful as face-to-face learning.

Dr. Leon Weissberg

Ed D, Cooper City, FL

I am extremely grateful to Rabbi Wilhelm and the staff for giving me the opportunity to grow in Torah. I have found the program to be of the highest quality. The live shiurim are interactive, with the opportunity to ask questions and give comments. They are presented clearly and there are many prerecorded shiurim on many related, and even unrelated, topics. The whiteboard charts are extremely helpful in mastering the Halachos. Since I have been in the program, OLS has added shiurim in other subjects, such as understanding davening. These mini-courses really supplement a student’s education.

Dr. Elliot Grossman

Online Smicha is like no other smicha program. It is unique by the fact that we don’t just quickly move through the material in order to cover ground, but rather, Online Smicha’s learning schedule gives one the time and ability to dissect and break down everything that is being taught in the shiurim. From the comprehensible and outstanding way that Rabbi Wilhelm explains the topics, to the superb charts and diagrams that the Rabbi creates, this program gives one the sense of challenge, but at the same time allows one to enjoy the bliss of Torah learning. Online Smicha has exceeded my expectations!

Zalman Levy

Johannesburg, South Africa

Studying with Rabbi Wilhelm is an invigorating experience. Both his voice and his arms are always very animated, which really adds depth to the ideas and gives a much better understanding of how the rabbis must have been thinking when they were originally interpreting the laws. To help review for the class, I am leading a friend through the chapters we have learned, and I find myself waving my arms, banging the table and screaming just like Rabbi Wilhelm, and now I know exactly where his passion is coming from. It’s a great way to learn.

David Nathan


The Online Smicha program is a great program because it allows you to learn Smicha while still pursuing your daily life schedule. The Shiurim are highly enjoyable. Rabbi Wilhelm does an excellent job of explaining the material. With Online Smicha one has a better chance of understanding the material since we have shiurim 2-3 times a week. All in all it is an excellent program and I highly suggest this program to anyone interested in Smicha.

Boruch Noam DuBrow


There are two Smicha programs in the city where I live, but between my work schedule and time demands at home, I would not be able to make the commitment to attend them. With this program, even if you cannot participate in the live shuir, a video recording is available for viewing at your convenience on the Smicha site for at least 30 days. They also email an mp3 audio copy of the shuir which you can download and listen to anytime. Rabbi Wilhelm is an excellent magid shiur, very knowledgeable and with just the right amount of wit and humor. Good support, both from Rabbi Wilhelm and from the administrative and technical staff.

Yoel Edelson


The program is very good…Rabbi Wilhelm is giving excellent shiurim, not only the translation of the Shoulchan Oruch but also the good examples and tables that he prepares for the presentation. A few weeks ago, I started the standard program and the environment at home has changed. During supper, my family and I discuss a topic in Halocha. Each evening the whole family knows that Tatty, after a very hard day of work, sits down to study Torah. The fact that we have twice a week shiurim and questions to review gives me motivation to follow the seder.Thank you!!!

A Doctor

Montreal, Canada

As a busy professional, the demand on my schedule is very challenging. The Online Smicha program has given me the opportunity to learn in great depth using the latest internet tools available today. Rabbi Wilhelm is a power house of information. His devotion and patience as an educator is a true bracha indeed. Although this project is not easy, the journey is certainly well worth the efforts. I would highly recommend for everyone who wants to seriously learn in a well-structured program to enroll and benefit from a dedicated and genuinely committed Shaliach.

Dr. Hananya Dahan


Due to my somewhat limited yeshiva background, the accelerated program has been quite a challenge. However, just today, Rabbi Wilhelm clarified that the shiurim are geared to learning how to think as opposed to just knowing the bottom line, which affirmed to me that learning with Rabbi Wilhelm online in the comfort of my office has been an amazing experience. Being able to learn the Shach and Taz with him, then having the opportunity to review the shiur by watching the video or listening to the audio, has facilitated my ability to learn better on my own.

Ahron Fishbein